LTL EP18: From Post-Doc to founder of the online MSL training company ‘from SCIENCE to PHARMA’


  • how Martijn first got into science – 02 min 11 sec
  • what he went on to do at university in Amsterdam, his master traineeship in San Diego and then his PhD back in Amsterdam where he researched cancer vaccines – 04 min 00 sec
  • he talks about what he thought about his time in academia, which includes a 3 year post-doc – 08 min 22 sec
  • he explains how he was able to make such a swift transition out of academia into a medical science liaison (MSL) role and what he highlighted on his CV and applications to make him stand out when applying – 31 min 17 sec
  • Martijn talks about his first role with Abbott, his second role with Amgen and starting his own company called ‘from SCIENCE to PHARMA’ – 39 min 14 sec
  • what he is currently doing now to run his company whilst holding down a full time job, as well as how and why the MSL industry has changed over the last 5 years – 45 min 36 sec
  • Martijn talks about his progression with his MSL job whilst starting his company – 55 min 38 sec
  • he tells us his plans for the future as well as how and where he learnt about what to do to set up his own company and recruit clients – 57 min 15 sec
  • if he could go back what would he do differently – 1 hour 11 min 10 sec
  • he gives advice to people who are thinking of pursuing a career that is similar to his, and gives them tips on the things they can be doing to improve their applications – 1 hour 12 min 39 sec
  • Podcasts recommended: How to Start a Startup, The Smart Passive Income Podcast
  • Website: from SCIENCE to PHARMA
  • LinkedIn: from SCIENCE to PHARMA
  • Email:

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